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  ‡T@‚`‚Œ‚Œ Kinds of Japanese Visa
  ‡U@Establish a new Co., Business Permission etc.

‡T@‚`‚Œ‚Œ Kinds of Japanese Visa
Status of residence Immigration Status
A ‚h‚Ž‚–‚…‚“‚”‚‚’/‚a‚•‚“‚‰‚Ž‚…‚“‚“@‚l‚‚Ž‚
An Operator, ‚l‚‚Ž‚‚‡‚…‚’
B ‚d‚Ž‚‡i‚Ž‚…‚…‚’ Technological skill and/or knowledge pertinent to
physical science, engineering, or other natural science
C ‚r‚‚…‚ƒ‚‰‚‚Œ‚‰‚“‚”@in Humanities/
International Services
Knowledge pertinent to jurisprudence, economics,
sociology, or other human science fields.
Specific ways of thought or sensitivity based on
experience with foreign culture, such as interpreting,
translation, copywriting, fashion design, interior design,
sales, overseas business, information processing,
international finance
D ‚h‚Ž‚”ra-company Transferee For a limited period of time from business offices that
are established in foreign countries by public or private
organizations with head offices, branch offices, or other
business offices in Japan
E ‚r‚‹‚‰‚Œ‚Œ‚…‚„@‚k‚‚‚‚‚’ Industrial techniques or skills belonging to special fields
exe.)a chef, an artisan of jewel, a horse breaker, a pilot,
a sommelier
Daily living activities on the part of the spouse or
unmarried minor child of those who stay in Japan with
a status of residence mentioned in Table (a) (excluding
Diplomat and Official) or with a Cultural Activities or
College Student status of residence
G ‚r‚‚‚•‚“‚…@‚‚’@‚b‚ˆ‚‰‚Œ‚„@‚‚†@‚i‚‚
Spouses of Japanese nationals, children adopted by
Japanese nationals in accordance with the provisions
of Article 817-2 of the Civil Code (Law No. 89 of 1896),
or those born as children of Japanese nationals
H ‚r‚‚‚•‚“‚…@‚‚’@‚b‚ˆ‚‰‚Œ‚„@‚‚†@‚o‚…‚’
Spouses of those who stay with Permanent Resident
status or those who are Special Permanent Residents
as described in the Special Law on Immigration Control,
which covers those who have lost Japanese nationality
through a peace treaty between Japan and another
nation, or those born as children of Permanent or
Special Permanent Residents
I ‚k‚‚Ž‚‡@‚s‚…‚’‚@‚q‚…‚“‚‰‚„‚…‚Ž‚” Refugees as stipulated by the convention relating to
the Status of Refugees, Indochinese refugee settlers,
second- and third-generation Japanese settlers, etc
Specifically designated by the Minister of Justice for
foreign individuals.
exe.) activities on the part of foreigners who wish to
enter Japan as personal help privately employed by
diplomats, consular representatives, etc.; foreigners
who wish to enter Japan under bilateral working holiday
agreements; foreigners who are employed by
companies, etc. and are active as athletes in amateur
sports and their dependent spouses and children;
foreign lawyers engaged in international arbitration
affairs, etc. university students engaged in internship
K Short-term Stays
(Sightseeing, Sports)@
Excluding Work
Temporary visits of up to 90 days for such purposes as
sightseeing; sports; convalescence; visits to relatives,
friends, or acquaintances; amateur participation in
athletic meetings or other contests; business trips
(such as market surveys, business liaison, business
talks, signing contracts, and after-sale service for
machinery imported into Japan); and friendship visits.
These activities require either a temporary visa or
transit visa. (However, this category excludes profit-
making operations and paid activities.)

‡U@Establish a new Co., Business Permission etc.


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